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Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog

Self-Hosted WordPress Blog Required

It occurred to me that some of you may not actually be running a self-hosted blog. Trust me on this, a self-hosted wordpress blog is not optional, it’s required if you’re serious about content marketing. If you are one of those bloggers under the mistaken impression that a free hosted account at is just as
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responsive wordpress theme

Responsive WordPress Theme Required

I’ve decided to install a responsive WordPress theme here at SocialVernacular. A responsive WordPress theme is a blog theme which dynamically adjusts its layout according to your users’ device or Screen Resolution. A responsive WordPress theme makes it easier for both you and I to access the SocialVernacular site via mobile devices. UX aside, you need a
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Online Thought Leader

Be an Online Thought Leader! Follow These 5 Steps

What is an online thought leader? Simply put, it is someone who’s words tend to carry more influence within social channels like Twitter and Facebook than most. Online thought leaders share information that resonates with a particular industry or demographic. Easy enough right? But how exactly do you become an online thought leader? Are thought
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Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Mobile Friendly Landing Pages are a Requirement!

Mobile friendly landing pages are required! As a social media marketer I spend a lot of time obsessing over content… Content for Facebook, content for Twitter, content for my blog. Yet, as much time as I spend on finding and creating content for the various social channels I manage I have to admit that content
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blogger outreach

Blogger Outreach is Easy! Follow These Three Steps!

Where does blogger outreach fit into your overall marketing strategy? If you answered “When I can find the time,” or worse yet “It doesn’t.” It’s time you take a second look at this highly effective, yet relatively inexpensive inbound marketing tactic. We all know most consumers are banner blind. They have been trained to ignore most
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