Be an Online Thought Leader! Follow These 5 Steps

What is an online thought leader? Simply put, it is someone who’s words tend to carry more influence within social channels like Twitter and Facebook than most. Online thought leaders share information that resonates with a particular industry or demographic. Easy enough right?

Online Thought Leader

But how exactly do you become an online thought leader?

Are thought leaders born with natural leadership abilities? Is there some fool-proof Twitter strategy they are implementing? Are they utilizing some secret Facebook marketing tactic? or is there something else going on here altogether?

The fact is that YOU can actually become an online thought leader simply by sharing information that is timely and useful. In fact I became an online thought leader by following these simple steps.

5 steps you can use to become an online thought leader:

1.) Find your voice

The very first step is to define your topic and your voice. Determine what topics interest those in your chosen field and whether you share in those interests or not! How can you contribute to the conversation in a positive manner? What can you add?

2.) Do your research

Once you’ve identified discussions that are of interest to you the next step would be to dig up any information relevant to the subject. Remember sharing information is how you get people to notice and accept you, but it MUST be relevant to their interests.

3.) Curation is just as important as creation

Trying to continuously create content is a full time job… For two people! So don’t be shy about sharing content created by others. Curating content is the most effective strategy to use in order to become a thought leader within your field.

4.) Offer content, don’t force it

To gain more influence in any community you must FIRST be accepted by its members. You can accomplish this by sharing information that they find useful or interesting! If it captures their interest you can bet they’ll notice… Not just the content, but also the source from which it came.

5.) Finally, remember that timing is everything

Social media afficianados are notorious for changing the topic of any conversation at the drop of a hat! Remember to monitor what people are talking about so you can offer value to the conversation with relevant content in a timely manner.

Following these simple guidelines I have become an online thought leader. And you can too! Or maybe you already have… What advice do you have on becoming an online thought leader?

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